Habitree Character wood 180 cm

Habitree Character wood 180 cm

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Kebony Character is reflecting the traditional Nordic style with knots and colour variations.
Made from premium, sustainably sourced wood and reusable year after year, Habitree can be shaped and decorated any way you like. It warms any environment with its natural beauty and the positive spirit in which it was created just for you.
This Habitree is made from Kebony Character wood, which is FSC®-certified and carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Kebony Character looks rustic, and fits well to the traditional Nordic style.

Habitree is available in 3 standard sizes.
Other sizes available on request – contact us for details.

Conc. storage the Habitree comes in a package, depending on size, either 120 cm or 180 cm long – and 18 cm wide / 8 cm deep. So it’s very easy to store in an indoor closet or under your bed – ready for next season.

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